The world of music is not just about the artists that make the music. It’s also about the people who help in the background. The guy in the studio, the intern at the label and even the person at the PR company that lets everyone know how awesome an artist is. Today we are talking to someone who shares awesomeness with the world our friend Drielle Wright from Sleeping Giant Ent. Take a few minutes to check out what Drielle told us about the public relations business. 

Drielle Wright – Publicist

72906_10100528574210142_200478669_nHey everyone. I am with Drielle Wright. Publicist extraordinaire for Sleeping Giant Entertainment. How are you today?

Lol I’m doing quite well how are you?

I am good. Where are you from?

I’m originally from Akron, OH

We just covered the Rock on the Range Festival in Columbus a month ago. Theres a lot of artists in Ohio

That’s very true. People count the midwest out a lot

Well before we go any further. Can you let people know about your company and what you do?

Sure, I work as a publicist for Sleeping Giant Ent. we are based out of Orlando, FL we provide pr, marketing, and management services for artists in the music industry.

Is it your company or are you working under someone?

Tony Wilkins heads the company he has over 25 years in the entertainment industry.

How long have you been working in the industry?

About 2 and half years in different roles but this is the one I plan to stay in.

Did you always know you wanted to get into this?

I always knew I wanted to work in the entertainment industry. I wasn’t always sure in what capacity until a few years ago.

For someone wanting to get into the PR business how did you end up working with Tony Wilkins?

Well I went to a listening party at a studio and while giving me a tour he asked what school I went to (Full Sail University) and told me he’s had interns from Full Sail so I asked if he needed some more. So I started as an intern but I’m not an intern anymore lol.

What have been some highlights thus far in your PR career?

Anytime I go on location and get something for free is a highlight for me lol

LOL!, So your in it for the swag?

No comment lol!

No but truthfully helping people build their brands and establish themselves as artists is why I’m in it

And the swag?

Rrrrightttt! lol

Well, what has been the best swag you have received doing this?

A nice pair of sunglasses that my niece ended up breaking

I think you have to hook up with the really famous actresses/actors to raise your swag game. They get all the good stuff

That’s what I keep hearing ha!

Seriously, they get like iPhones, and ps3’s and nice smelly stuff. I should have become an actor

Smelly stuff lol

Wait, I have an ipod and a ps3. No need to become an actor! Yeah, smelly stuff. Perfume. Girls like smelly stuff, I just smell LOL!

I once got 15 t-shirts and 3 hoodies from a certain record company

Well check you out!

Yeah, I am pretty greedy when given the chance

In my own defense, I did give them all away as prizes for my metal trivia game

That was nice of you lol

I am a nice guy, make sure you tell the others (woman that is!)

I certainly will!

Drielle, We have gone 20 minutes and you have not mentioned one of your artists. Your going to get fired!

Oh noooo! I thought you were going to ask me about them lol

Well, since we are already there.. who are you working with these days

Well let’s discuss them Slim Goodye, Quis, NF, K Marie, Playboy J

Are they all hip hop artists?

Slim Goodye has a song out right now Ft. DJ Khaled called Can’t Turn Down

Yes and Quis is both an r&b singer and rapper.

How do you find time to give equal attention to each artist?

I have great time management skills, lol! And a short attention span makes it’s easy for me to hop around to each artist

It must be tough. PR is not a freebie. I am sure an artist wants to know where their money is going

True but as long as you can show what you have been doing and progress in that people are happy success isn’t an overnight thing especially in music.

Is that a reality that you sometimes have to break to an artist who expects overnight success?

Not any of the artists that I mentioned they all are aware and have been laying the ground work long before they met me.

For a person considering going into a PR career. Can you break down what you do?

In short it’s my job to draw more attention to my clients. That’s the easiest definition.

What is a downside and a upside to what you do?

Downside, long hours upside watching the growth of an artist knowing I contributed and I’m surrounded by talented people on a daily basis very cool

Ok, Drielle. What’s the big payoff? Who is the one artist that you dream to do PR for?

Oh wow I don’t know I never really thought about that just one that won’t give me too many headaches shows up to events and interviews on time and puts as much work into their craft as I will to get attention for them.

How about Bieber? I bet he has a team of PR people!

Hahaha right and it looks like he’s keeping them very busy as of lately!

That’s what makes him famous!

Well, I guess its time for you to shout out all your people and let em know where to find you if they need REP-RE-SENTIN!

Ha you’re funny! They can email me

And your artists?

Slim: Twitter: @A1goodye instagram slimgoodye

Youtube slim goodye

Twitter: caliboyquis instagram caliboyquis youtube marquis Garvin

NF: Instagram: nslashf twitter @nslashf

K Marie: K youtube kmariemusic1 Twitter @kmarie_music instagram: kmarie_music

Playboy J: youtube: itsplayboyj twitter @itsplayboyj same for instagram

Well, you just put in work. Those artists owe you a raise!

They’re good I want people to go look them up and remember where they heard about them first!

Drielle Wright Publicist extraordinaire for Sleeping Giant Entertainment?

Thank you for your time!

Thank you Keith!!!!