1030It is said that when one door closes, another door opens. This is certainly the case for the highly anticipated reawakening of the former band, Thrown into Exile. Consisting of four out of the five members of Thrown Into Exile, Grimace are hitting hard and fast with a mix of great songs and an even stronger performance.

Their forthcoming EP has some good musical qualities with varied introductions that capture your imagination from the onset. Although at times Evan Severed’s vocals are drowned out by the powerful accompaniment, the singer has a distinctive, menacing tone which dominates the tracks and works well with the solid rhythm that is present throughout. The striking instrumental accompaniment grabs your attention and carries you through the tracks with the consistent beat. The lyrics seem interesting, however they can’t always be heard clearly and are hard to distinguish in some places. Overall this EP is original and appealing with very strong potential. Looking forward to see what the future holds for this band.

Check out the new EP via the bands FB www.facebook.com/grimacetheband

Reviewed by: Hannah Bowns/Soundcrave Magazine